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Movies set in a historical time period often feel like a window into a world which, for better or worse, no longer exists — disturbingly, that couldn't be further from the truth with the trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit, a film set in 1967 which seems to have a horrible political relevance in 2017.

Detroit follows the 12th Street riots of 1967 in the titular city, when a police raid on an after-hours bar created five days of uninterrupted chaos on the streets. The riots eventually claimed 16 lives and left another 493 wounded.

That's heavy subject matter, and it's fair to say Detroit is not going to be easy viewing, but what it could well be is one of the best and most important movies of the year. Check out the trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's long-awaited Zero Dark Thirty follow-up below.

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Bigelow has proven herself to be one of the most socially-conscious directors of our time, moving firmly away from blockbuster entertainment to make movies like the Iraq war-themed Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker (which won Best Picture and Best Director) and Zero Dark Thirty, while ex-husband James Cameron keeps threatening to make those Avatar sequels nobody asked for.

As one of the very few high-profile female directors in Hollywood, that's refreshing. The cast of Detroit includes John Boyega (The Force Awakens), Anthony Mackie (Captain America: Civil War) and Hannah Murray (Game Of Thrones).

Detroit drops August 4 — will you be there to peer through Kathryn Bigelow's window into an America not dissimilar to today's?


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