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Ever since the Black Canary sang her last song in Season 4 of Arrow, the story of Laurel Lance has continued to leave its mark on the Arrowverse, first in the form of her legacy as a costumed vigilante and then as the villainous Black Siren. Now that Laurel's evil counterpart has revealed herself to Quentin Lance, fans have held out hope that Black Siren could finally come face to face with Laurel's sister, the White Canary.

Speaking at the in London, actress Katie Cassidy revealed Sara Lance may in fact see double next season, encountering her sister's evil doppelganger for the first time.

How Will Black Siren & White Canary React To Meeting Each Other?

When asked how the two birds of a feather may interact with one another in the future, Cassidy explained to us that;

"I think thats something we'll definitely get to see next season... The different relationships, how each character will react. I don't know how Black Siren will react... I think she's very mysterious."

Whether this meeting will occur in DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 or the sixth season of Arrow remains unclear, but sparks will undoubtedly fly when the two Lance sisters come to blows. Much of Sara's arc to this date has focused on her quest for revenge against Damien Darhk, the man who killed her version of Laurel, so it will be fascinating to see how the Captain of the Waverider will respond to Black Siren.

Will the two Canaries fight once again in a rematch? Check out their original bout in the clip below, taken from Season 3:

What Else Lies In Store For Black Siren In Season 6 Of Arrow?

With confirmation that Katie Cassidy is returning to Season 6 of Arrow as a series regular, Black Siren's relationship with Sara won't be the only one explored in detail. However, suggestions that Laurel, Felicity and Oliver could form a love triangle of sorts seems unlikely — although Cassidy did state at the Fan Fest that this "would be a really interesting dynamic."

Instead, we're more likely to see further friction develop between Black Siren and Laurel's successor, the new Black Canary. In the Season 5 finale, Tina Boland and Black Siren literally screamed their hearts out when they met for the first time, pitting their canary cries against one another to devastating effect. While it's unlikely that the two will easily forget their fight, Black Siren and Black Canary may form an uneasy alliance if the rumors are to be believed and Laurel does in fact end up joining Team Arrow.

However, Cassidy doesn't share the same kind of animosity towards the new Black Canary. During her panel at the Fan Fest, Katie explained exactly how she feels about Tina continuing the legacy that Laurel left behind;

"I'm very supportive, especially of strong women. Laurel said that she wanted the Black Canary to live on and to pass the mantle. I fully support that. We live in a world now where women are becoming stronger... Another girl who gets to kick ass is amazing. Julia [Harkavy] is so sweet and so kind, such an amazing person. I was more than happy that she gets to fulfil those shoes."

Whether Black Siren becomes a full-fledged member of Team Arrow — fighting alongside the likes of Black Canary — or whether she continues on her villainous trajectory, expect to see a lot more of Katie Cassidy in the role. Sure, she may have played a nicer version of Laurel for the first four seasons of , but the actress ended her panel by revealing how much fun it is to play a villain, describing the process as "fricking amazing". We can't help but wonder whether the White Canary will agree when the two will finally meet next season. The next theme for Season 6 is supposed to be 'family', after all.

How will Sara Lance react to meeting Black Siren next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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