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With the Westworld cast and crew heading to San Diego Comic-Con next week, it looks like fans will finally receive some concrete news on the much anticipated second season. And when they do assemble for the HBO panel, they'll likely be joined by Dutch actor Katja Herbers, who has been confirmed to be joining Season 2 as a regular cast member.

Known for her roles on The Americans, Manhattan, and the recently concluded series The Leftovers, Herbers will play Grace, described as "a seasoned guest in Westworld whose latest visit comes at the park's darkest hour."

Given that Season 1 introduced us to seasoned Westworld guests in the form of Logan and the Man in Black (a.k.a. William), it will be interesting to see what drives the character of Grace to keep returning to the park. Logan enjoyed visiting Westworld to indulge his every desire and whim, whereas the Man in Black returned time after time to find every last secret he believed hidden in the park, but what drives Grace?

Herbers is the third actor to be cast in a series regular role for Season 2, with Talulah Riley and Louis Herthum — who played hosts Angela and Peter Abernathy in Season 1 — also being moved to series regulars.

In addition to the casting announcements, it also looks as though Season 2's filming will begin this month, and although no premiere date has been officially set, there's a possibility this could be announced during the HBO panel on July 22 at Comic-Con.

However, not having a confirmed premiere date hasn't stopped creator Jonathan Nolan from revealing the title of the Season 2 premiere episode. Dropping in on a Reddit thread back in June, Nolan posted a photo that informed fans that the first episode would be titled "Journey Into Night," a sure nod to Robert Ford's final narrative. And with the creator of the series himself already dropping such tantalizing hints, there's no doubt that more Season 2 beans will be spilled in the coming weeks and months as filming gets underway.

What do you think the character of Grace will bring to Westworld Season 2?

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