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Mattel has waved their magical, spangly wand over the Hunger Games crew and transformed them into beauteous Barbies! I'm not entirely convinced that the bad-ass bow-slinging Katniss is best represented by a plastic figure with a rictus grin but, who am I to judge?

The question on everybody's lips is, of course, do they have a vague resemblance the characters? Moviegoers have been scarred in the past by horrors such as preppy Bella and Franken-Edward from the Twilight series so, lets see how The Hunger Games: Catching Fire marionettes measure up.


Trademark side braid, check! Bow and arrow, check! Dodgy neoprene battle suit, check! Alas, it all kind of goes wrong in the face department. I am getting shades of from those brows, but that half-way stare and pout combo doesn't cry out kick-ass warrior to me. Plus, that swan-like neck would snap like a brittle little twig.

Peeta Nailed it with that visage Mattel, high-five! I have always thought has a face shaped exactly like an exceptionally handsome piece of toast and, that has been captured wonderfully here. That victory tour toupee hair is also rendered beautifully although, I can't imagine that puppyish face brutally drowning its enemies.


Blending an ice cold glare with a smouldering pout was a master-stroke from Mattel. Finnick is oozing his characteristic arrogant charm but, as far as resemblances go, is probably not best pleased with his plasticy doppelgänger. Those intense cheek bones shove about 30 years on the poor lad and I can't even bring myself to talk about that sad bouffant.

Effie Trinket Finally, some stellar realism! If any movie character has been begging to be made into a doll its Effie Trinket. Although the piercing madness behind her eyes has been sadly neglected, the demented nest of hair is spot on. definitely wins the Hunger Games Barbie edition in my eyes.

What do you guys think of the pastic-fantastic cast?

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