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Eszter Simor

The time when President Snow announces the 75th Annual Hunger Games is getting extremely close. The competition in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will assemble a group of former Hunger Game victors on November 22.

The first round of reviews about the film have been extremely positive. The Playlist's Todd Gilchrist (via ComicBook) has called it "The Empire Strikes Back of young adult adaptations", and "a monumental achievement".

Lionsgate has released a new clip, featuring Johanna Mason (), Finnick Odair (), Brutus (Bruno Gunn), Gloss () and Enobaira () training for the fight till death.

Of course we can see Katniss () too, showing off her highly improved archery skills in a hight tech training field against virtual enemies. But when the real game begins, she has to fight experienced and vicious killers.


Which one of them will turn out to be the most lethal?


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