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Will Wharton

Much like how others watch 30 Rock, I tend to drift through life. I kind of float along not really observing the world and occasionally emerging from my funk to extoll the virtues of whale dieting to my constantly confused father. And, like how others watch 30 Rock, I perk up and pay attention when Katrina Bowden flashes before my eyes. Because, you see, while there are very few reasons to tune into life/30 Rock, Katrina Bowden remains one of the best.

So here, fellow drifting zombie, take these glossy images of NBC's hottest distraction and print the shit out of them. Print them out and stick them on your wall. Stick them on your wall so others know, so others can see that there is NOTHING worth paying attention to, except Katrina Bowden.

Thanks to Maxim for the incredible images.


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