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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but when that woman is a multi-millionaire pop princess and the good and the great of Hollywood are forced to pick sides, it can get a little messy. We are of course talking about the blood war between and , which may finally be coming toward an end.

A bit like the bloody battles of Game of Thrones, the ongoing saga has been a race to the Iron Throne of pop stardom, but now, at least one side seems to be laying down their sword and shield in favor of a quieter life. The issue reared its head recently, when some rather pointed lyrics found there way into Perry's single "Swish Swish." Although Perry maintains that the song isn't about anyone in particular, a recent turn of events certainly suggests otherwise.

Pop Your Perry

It was a busy weekend for K.P., who underwent a 96-hour YouTube live stream to promote her album Witness. There was a moving interview with Arianna Huffington, where Perry said she was 100% ready to put her feud with Swift behind her and move on. She then rounded off the marathon event by taking to the stage and singing the controversial "Swish Swish," but with a few changes.

Nope, hell didn't freeze over, but Perry shocked the world by altering her own lyrics for some unknown reason. Sadly it wasn't the odd references to "shellfish or sheep" that went out the window, but Perry's spontaneous lyrics appear to be another olive branch to Swift. The rather venomous line in the first verse, "Don't you come for me," was swapped out for the hand-holding "God bless you on your journey, oh baby girl."

Perry could just be feeling in a particularly joyous mood, however, and the lyrics echo her interview with NBC where she had this to say about her rivalry with Swift:

"All I need to say to her is I love her and God bless her on her journey."

With millions seeing her VERY public apology, it may be a sign of peace or just a very clever middle finger. Things have gotten repeatedly ugly over the years, reaching boiling point with Swift's "Bad Blood" video. People were firmly split into two camps, with Perry having the mighty power of the Kardashians, while Swift had the likes of Perry's former music producer Joseph Khan.

Despite Perry repeatedly saying the song has nothing to do with our "Shake It Off" starlet, does the lyrical change prove that it really was? Considering that "Swish Swish" is already out there for the world to enjoy, it could be a case of too little, too late.

Just before they are lined up for a future season of Ryan Murphy's Feud, the uber-famous songbirds could be set to end their three-year battle royale — damn, just when it was getting interesting. While the worst could be behind us, and Perry seems eager to bury the hatchet (possibly in Swift's back), Taylor has been relatively quiet on the whole bloody mess. Your move, Swifty.


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