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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's on again/off again relationship saga refuses to go away. The latest twist in this sorry tale suggests that the reason for Robsten's latest split was because Pattinson went on a date with songstress Katy Perry, with the showbiz pair hooking up at a Daughter gig in NYC.

Actress Bella Rapone, a close friend of Perry's revealed to the Daily Star:

She and Rob started off in the Bowery Ballroom, where they watched a gig by the indie band Daughter with a whole bunch of people, mainly pals of hers. Then they took off with a smaller group for a much more intimate venue, The Spot at the Trump SoHo Hotel, where it was ­obvious there was ­chemistry between them.

Crucially adding:

They’ve always liked each other.

Rapone went on to explain:

Both Rob and Katy have been so unlucky in love and now it’s almost as if they are kindred spirits. Katy says she finds him adorable and he is clearly very attracted to her. They were the last to leave the Spot Lounge and, while there were no public ­displays of affection, it was very clear they were extremely happy in each other’s company.

This obvious sign of the affection between the pair hasn't sat well with Stewart, with her and Pattinson reportedly having a row when he returned to their LA pad:

She kept asking him how he could think of betraying her in public after all they had been through. Rob said something like that was rich coming from her. The argument descended into a yelling match. At the end, Rob said he’d had enough, packed his bags and walked out on her for a second time.

Quite how a "friend" of Katy Perry's was able to listen in on an argument between Pattinson and Stewart, I don't know. Perhaps she put a glass to her ear and tried to listen through the door.

Whatever the reason for Rob and Kristen's latest spat, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it, so stick close for all the latest updates on what I'm now officially calling The Neverending Saga.



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