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Katy Perry has been working overtime to promote her new album Witness, and has been completely dominated the news cycle. Over the weekend, Perry took took her album promotion to a whole new level when she allowed herself to be followed by cameras for 4 full days, and streamed the whole ordeal on YouTube.

During her live stream, held nothing back from viewers, and allowed them to sit in on her therapy session, interviews, and spilled the beans on several facets of her personal life. The live-stream was a non-stop entertainment event, and fans got to see a side of the pop star they had never seen before.

When Katy Perry wasn’t talking about her personal struggles, or attempting to squash her 3-year feud with Taylor Swift, she was giving fans all the dirty little details about her exes. In one such conversation about her past lovers, Perry went as far to rank her exes based on their sexual prowess, and , Diplo, and John Mayer were all put on blast.

Katy Perry Ranks Her Exes' Sexual Performance

On the last day of Perry’s 4-day "Witness World Wide” YouTube live-stream, the pop star was joined by her buddy , and the two played a variation of the game Truth or Dare. During the game, Corden asked Perry to rank 3 of her former lovers – John Mayer, Diplo, and Orlando Bloom – based on their sexual prowess.

Katy Perry claimed that John Mayer was the best, followed by Orlando Bloom, and then Diplo. After Perry rattled off the names of her exes, she added that she wasn’t disparaging any of the men, saying:

"They're all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!"

The One Who Got Away

During one of the truth challenges of the game, Corden also asked Perry if there was a love of her life that got away. Perry was quick to answer, and named Josh Groban as “the one who got away”.

"People are like, who's the one who got away? That's Groban. He's one of my good friends. I love him so much. He's the best."

Josh Groban and Katy Perry have been friends for years, and back in 2013, rumors were flying that the two were dating. In a 2013 interview with Details, opened up about his “relationship” with Perry:

"We're very good friends. We met before her first album was even released, and we hit it off because we're both goofballs… We might have skated on the line of dating."

Katy Perry’s 4-day "Witness World Wide” YouTube live-stream was a rousing success, and her fans loved having unfettered access to the beloved pop star. Perry was refreshingly honest and open about many aspects of her life, and allowed her fans the opportunity to get to know her beyond her eccentric stage performances. We hope this candor and tireless promotion translates into strong album sales — and if the Billboard projections are anything to go by, Perry's onto a winner.

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