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Sophie Atkinson

Rumor has it that Katy's been busy holding 's hand (or, y'know, some other part of his alabaster anatomy) after his breakup with . Now word has it that Katy's reunited with Hollywood f*ckwit, John Mayer, who she broke up with for the second time in mid March.

Ladies, can you explain to me why John Mayer is so irresistible to the single women of Hollywood? Sure, he looks a bit like an older, pudgier version of every woman's fantasy boyfriend, Ferris Bueller (mm) but he also gives off an unmistakable aura of dickishness.

Anyhoo. Apparently, John Mayer, chivalrous gent that he is, has proposed they keep things 'casual'. Lucky Katy!

"They are just hanging out," one source said. "They are not putting a label on it."

Hmmh. I think Katy's betting on the wrong horse - R-Pattz may not be a barrel of laughs, but he seems good-hearted. Still, since he's in Canada this summer, I guess she has to get her kicks somehow. But is John Mayer the right person to do that with?

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