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Now that is no longer linked to long-term Twilight girlfriend , the hunky star could technically be single! We all know he's a total catch and, for that reason, I'm sure he wouldn't have any problem finding a lucky new woman to hold his hand on the red carpet. But, slow down girls, because 's pals want her to date RPattz!

According to OK Magazine (via Indian Express), although the singer is reportedly still "madly in love" with her ex-lover John Mayer, Katy Perry's friends want her to choose Pattinson:

My vote is for Rob. John is a bad boy and sadly Katy prefers that. She always falls for guys with an edge. With that edge comes drama and John is the king of drama.

Could this actually be a thing? Well, unfortunately, Perry's pals think she's going to go back to Mayer for one reason and that she will give Mayer another try because he is so darn hot to her:

John is a physical guy and Katy says it has been the best sex of her life.

It ain't hard to see why she's attracted to Mayer. Still, we'd love for her to give RPattz a shot, because they could mend their broken hearts together! What say you?



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