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Katy Perry has been in the public spotlight for the better part of a decade, and in that time, she has become one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. Perry is one of the most prolific figures on social media, and she has amassed almost 100 million Twitter followers – whom she delights with her constant posts.

Perry has also been vocal about her political affiliations, and she was a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run in 2016. Perry is also a proud philanthropist, having joined UNICEF in 2013 to help starving children in third-world countries and was named as an official Goodwill Ambassador be the organization.

Katy Perry’s massive public profile is a double-edged sword, and with great adulation and accomplishments, also comes tremendous backlash. Perry recently made a controversial comment regarding the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, and tidal wave of Twitter hate has washed over her.

Katy Perry's Controversial Instagram Video

Katy Perry was answering questions from her fans on an Instagram video, when the Q&A took a strange turn. Someone made a comment to Perry about her recent hairstyle change, stating that they missed her black hair. It’s a somewhat standard comment to make to someone who lops off all their hair; however, Katy Perry’s response was anything but standard:

“Aww, someone says, ‘I miss your old, black hair. Oh, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Okay, times change. Bye.”

Perry’s comment was out of left-field, and people were stunned by what she had said. The comment has serious racial implications, as it likened her black hair to our former black President — as well as dismissing those who "miss" Obama, and have serious concerns about the current administration. Whatever she meant by the comment, people were confounded, and they took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Twitter Responds To Katy Perry's Comments

Katy Perry’s comment was met with immediate outrage, and most considered it to be offensive. It seems likely that Perry spoke without thinking; however, when you have an audience of millions, you should watch what you say. Most Twitter users were disappointed in Perry, and felt that what she said was way out of line:

While a large number of people felt the comment was distasteful, some Twitter users found Perry’s comment to be overtly racist, and had no problem posting their feelings – and some of them are savage AF:

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Katy Perry's Controversy Recidivism

Perry’s comments are not an isolated incident, and the singer faced similar backlash in 2013 at the American Music Awards, when she wore attire that people claimed appropriated Asian culture. Perry just came off another controversy a few days prior, when she collaborated on a new single with Migos, a group that has caught a lot of heat from the LGBT community for being homophobic.

Katy Perry also recently made comments regarding Britney Spears’s mental health, which were not received well. Perry also faced further backlash when she did not support Kesha in her case against Lukaz Gottwald, who allegedly mentally, physically, and sexually assaulted Kesha.

The fact that these controversies are a common occurrence speaks to Katy Perry’s lack of social awareness. She seems to constantly put her foot in her mouth, and contradicts herself time and again. It is worth noting that Perry could also be a PR mastermind, and these stunts could be to keep her name in the public consciousness; and if that’s the case, she might just be a genius.

We have recently seen an up-take in Twitter backlash to “controversial” celebrity statements, but Katy Perry’s comment was something that should have never been said. This controversy is sure to subside – as most things on the internet do – but for now, Perry has stepped in it.

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