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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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After the atrocious attacks on the gay bar, Pulse in Orlando, the world came together to remember those who were affected by the tragedy. It's been nearly three months since the heinous act of hate was carried out and we continue to remember those who lost their lives and support the survivors on their road to recovery.

Katy Perry offered one victim a real glimmer of hope, that his life can and will go on, even after the loss of his beloved friend and his long stint in hospital after being shot in the back four times. On Ellen Degeneres's chat show, Ellen, Tony Marrero was brought on as a guest because he wrote to Ellen when he was in hospital with this inspirational message, 'I'm still swimming, Ellen'.

Ellen talked with Tony to discover that there was a song that got Tony through his ordeal — Katy Perry's 'Rise.' What happened next was beyond Tony's dreams. Here's a look at the each heart-warming moment when Tony met Katy live on TV.

Tony tells Ellen how Perry's song got him through his time in hospital and helped him cope with the death of friend, Luis Vielma. The brave young man also speaks of how the song probably drove his boyfriend crazy as he played it over and over again, but it was the only thing that helped him.

Then in true Ellen style, she asked Tony if he had ever met Katy? Cue Katy entering and the entire audience going wild.

When the songstress appears you can clearly see she's been blubbing away at Tony's story backstage and the look of surprise and excitement on Marerro's face is truly wonderful to see.

The two are both visibly shaken by the encounter as Perry gives Tony the biggest hug and the both cry together. We can't imagine what Tony must be feeling at this moment, meeting the singer of the song that kept you going must be incredibly profound and powerful.

The excitement and sudden realization that they are meeting each other is completely adorable, even Ellen is welling up.

The whole interaction between Tony and Katy is incredibly emotional. They two talk about the song along with his dreadful experience, and as an added bonus, Katy offers to personally pay for his first year at film school, a dream Tony's had for quite some time.

Watch the full video below, you'll need some tissues at the ready though:

We are all incredibly touched by this surprise encounter and are extremely happy that Ellen and Katy were able to pull this off for Tony.

We'd like to wish Tony all the best at film school and hope that he is able to turn his awful experience into fuel for his creative work. He's a real life hero in our eyes. We hope all those affected by the events are recovering well and are finding solace knowing the rest of the world stands with you. We are all Orlando.

Were you touched by Tony's surprise?


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