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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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They say that imitation is the highest form if flattery, but Katy Perry's new 'do takes this to a whole new level. Stepping out in a peroxide buzzcut on Monday, fans of the starstrukk firework have since dubbed their idol 'Katy Bieber' — and with good reason.

But Katy cited a very different inspiration behind her striking new haircut, and it's definitely not someone that immediately springs to mind!

Katy Debuted Her New Locks With Some Serious Swag

Debuting her new 'do in front of a clothes rack while wearing a black hooded jacket, Katy Perry could quite easily be confused for a more makeup-friendly Justin Bieber. Channeling all of the Bieb's inner and outer swag, Perry's new look created quite the storm on social media.

Say Hello To Katy Bieber, Or Is That Kustin Pieber?

Posting yet another photo of her buzzcut while in yet another Bieber-esq coat with a bling ring and bracelet made out of candy, Perry's fans began referring to her as "Katy Bieber," "Kustin Pieber" and more ominously, Miley Virus.

In general though, the world seems to love Katy's fresh shorn look, but it was based on someone very, very different from the Bieb:

Her Real Hair-Inspo Came From A Very Surprising Source!

Rather than taking inspiration from the little crotch-grabbing heartbreaker, Katy Perry debuted her buzzcut alongside the caption "Fifth Element flow." This of course references the epic sci-fi movie Fifth Element starring Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis, with Perry choosing Willis's character Korben Dallas as the inspiration for her 'do, and the similarities are out of this world:

'Fifth Element' [Credit: Buena Vista International / Columbia Pictures]
'Fifth Element' [Credit: Buena Vista International / Columbia Pictures]


Who do you think Katy Perry's new 'do resembles the most?


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