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After titillating audiences by sizzling in a pot like the world's foxiest lobster, Katy Perry has brushed the buffet off her bod and sunk her teeth into her juicy feud with Taylor Swift like a true gourmet.

Many are speculating that is wildly swinging the cleaver at her arch nemesis Swift with some seriously sharp-tongued lyrics, so let's breakdown exactly what bad blood is being spilled.

'From a selfish or a sheep, don’t you come for me'

"Is a selfish sheep?," I hear you cry. Well, if the drama-seeking missile that is the internet hive-mind is to believed then yes, yes she is.

Apparently this lyric is a double pronged attack with each spike being firmly driven into Swift. Back in September 2014, Katy Perry wrote the following Tweet in response to Taylor's now infamous "Bad Blood" video:

The catty message, which Perry has since confirmed was aimed at Swift, also uses the word "sheep," linking it to "Swish Swish." The words "come for me" also echo a more recent interview with Katy where she was asked if her album contained any retaliation for "Bad Blood." In response to the question, Perry answered:

“One thing to note is: You can’t mistake kindness for weakness and don’t come for me.”


'You’re calculated. I got your number, 'Cause you’re a joker. And I’m a courtside killer queen. And you will kiss the ring'

There are no covert references to TayTay here, but it's pretty clear from the lyrics that they are about someone who Katy thinks is a massive dickhead. And do you know who Katy thinks is a massive dickhead? Yep, that's right...

Swish Word Play

In one of the weaker arguments, Katy-Cats have declared that when kween Katy says "Swish Swish," she actually means Swift Swift. Take from that what you will.

Do you think Katy Perry is coming for Taylor Swift in "Swish Swish?"


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