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may be a little bit out of the limelight these days, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy. He recently shot his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi. The movie will be released in the East this summer and in the West sometime later in 2013. Bleeding Cool posted some new pictures from the set, as well as the official poster.

Reeves also told MTV that even though he was planning on using a complex crane system while shooting in China, he was unable to due to do so because of because of the sheer size of it. He said:

"All sorts of practical consideration ran into the vision and the dream [but] it certainly influenced the way that we went forward in terms of shooting some of the fight scenes in terms of the organicness and movement of how we shot some of the fight scenes."

Are you ready for Neo's return to action? Here's hoping that there's less wire-fu and more balls-to-the-wall punches.


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