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Melissa Molina

A couple of weeks ago a good portion of the Internet had a hissy fit all at once when it was revealed that Point Break would be the latest movie to get the remake treatment. The and movie has received more love from a broader audience as it's aged throughout the years. Naturally film fans began hurling virtual tomatoes at the newly green lit project, but they eventually calmed down and forgot about it all for now. So we hate to be that one site to remind you that it's still a reality, but it is.

While at the press day for Generation Um..., we briefly talked to Keanu Reeves about what he thought of the upcoming remake. This is what he said:

"It's exciting... they're writing a script... I've read a few snippets."

Perhaps Keanu Reeves will end up becoming one of the producers for the Point Break remake. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see him as a producer of the new movie if he thinks it could work as a film. and did it with Evil Dead, why wouldn't Reeves do the same? Keep reading MoviePilot for the latest on the Point Break remake and our interview with Keanu Reeves on his latest movie Generation Um....


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