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Keanu Reeves is immortal. There's evidence for it. Or, at least as close to evidence you'll get for someone who has lived a life of subterfuge for centuries, often changing identities and personas to keep his secret safe. Except it's not really safe, there's even a website dedicated to the truth:

That straight-to-the-point website highlights Keanu's proposed aliases, the first being Charlemagne, or Charles the Great as he is also known, a king who lived between 742 and 814. Paul Mounet — a doctor who later turned to acting, and lived between 1847 and 1922 — is also alleged to be an earlier incarnation of Keanu.

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Is Keanu Reeves Immortal? Obviously

Keanu Reeves looking exactly the same in 'The Matrix' (2000) [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Keanu Reeves looking exactly the same in 'The Matrix' (2000) [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Now 52-years-old, has shown little signs of the passage of time, no doubt the source of such wild speculation. In a recent in-depth interview with Esquire, the actor was asked whether the theories are true, responding that they are "crazy," before adding his belief that his impressive genes won't keep him looking young forever:

"I mean, people say my age. But I’m just waiting for that to change."

But when will that change, Keanu? In 100 years? 200 years? 1,000 years? As I'm sure you'll agree, this doesn't appear to be a complete dismissal of Keanu's vampiric nature. In fact, such modesty along with his well-documented acts of kindness have also contributed to his reputation as a celestial being. After all, no one is that wise or that kind without centuries of experience.

As well as claiming "it's too late" to now start a family, Keanu took a pensive approach to the ageing process despite being demonstrably ageless, adding:

"I'm every cliché. Fucking mortality. Ageing. I'm just starting to get better at it. Just the amount of stuff you have to do before you're dead. I'm all of the clichés, and it's embarrassing. It's all of them. It's just, 'Oh my God. OK. Where did the time go? How come things are changing? How much time do I have left? What didn’t I do?'"

From Sad Keanu To Cheer Up Keanu Day

It's safe to say Keanu is one of the most likeable stars in the Hollywood machine, an A-lister unaffected by the dazzling lights and disconnect from reality that can come with a high-profile acting career. He is, as they say, a genuinely nice guy.

Such is the affection for The Matrix star, a meme of him looking jaded while eating a sandwich — along with the tagline "Sad Keanu" — became an internet sensation. But rather than mocking the subject, the meme, and its outbreak, was made with good-intent, and later spawned a "Cheer Up Keanu Day" on June 15, where fans across the world aim to send him love letters, gifts, messages or even donate to his chosen cancer charity.

When he was told of his own internet-induced special day, Keanu replied in the typical humble manner that only adds to his cult following:

"Oh, that's fun! I mean, it’s ridiculous. But it's cool. It's pretty meta. A picture says a thousand words and none of them can be true. The best in nature is subjective. But, I mean, I looked pretty sad. I was hanging out on the street…"

Those sound like the wise words of an immortal being.

You can catch Keanu in cinemas now, starring in John Wick: Chapter 2.

What is your favourite Keanu Reeves performance?

(Source: Esquire)


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