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Keanu Reeves has quite an undeserved reputation as a bit of miserable guy (mostly due to this picture), but do you remember when he used to have long, untidy hair, play the air guitar and kept saying "Excellent!"? Because I certainly do, and it looks like Keanu is eager to return to those times.

Now, we've known a Bill & Ted 3 has been on the development cards for some time, but it's always great when Reeves pops in to tell us all it's still official alive. While promoting his upcoming samurai-fantasy flick, 47 Ronin, Keanu provided an update on the highly anticipated sequel to the Today program. Check out the interview below:

So it seems, in practical terms, not much has changed since our last update. The last we heard the script needed to be rewritten in order to work within a more realistic budget, whilst simultaneously keeping the script's large ideas and set pieces intact.

In terms of who's behind the production, well, we know the film series' original producers will return, while Ed Soloman is attached to write. Unfortunately, Soloman currently seems hard at work on a Sony Amazing Spider-Man spinoff movie, so it might be some time before he sits down to finish off Bill & Ted 3.

What do you think? Are you eager to see Bill and Ted at 50, or are some things better left alone? Give us your opinion below.



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