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OK, Marvel fans, just because SDCC 2017 has ended doesn't mean The House of Ideas is going to stop serving us good news. Marvel has released some information about the upcoming The New Warriors series, which will join Cloak & Dagger and The Runaways on Freeform.

If you were all excited about the announcement of Milana Vayntrub playing Squirrel Girl, then get ready for more happiness thanks to this new addition.

Only one person whose voice can command a team of Gargoyles, or taunt the criminal underworld as the demon called Spawn. No matter what words that roll of his tongue, this guy can make any words sound as sinister as the rattling of a snake's tail, or as smooth as silk. And now Marvel's got him.

Keith David Enters 'The New Warriors'

Keith David in 'Elisted' [Credit: FOX]
Keith David in 'Elisted' [Credit: FOX]

The Hollywood Reporter says that will be joining cast as Ernest Vigman. This re-teams David with New Warriors creator Kevin Biegel, having formerly played Sgt. Major Donald Cody on Biegel's series Enlisted.

The only information we have about Ernest Vigman is that he will be a municipal employee who conflicts with the young superheroes on the show. No matter the details, Keith David can do conflict. You may remember his epic mano-a-mano brawl with Roddy Piper in the alien invasion movie They Live, or his line "How'd you get the beans above the frank?" when he played Mary's dad in There's Something About Mary. He even got some digs in as Elroy Patashnik, the head of the I.T. department, in the series Community.

Keith David Is No Stranger to Comic Book Shows

David is also widely known for his voice acting. His resume includes an extensive list of video game voice acting such as the Halo and Mass Effect series. When it comes to comic books, he has quite the repertoire of various characters.

You may have never known that Keith David was the voice behind the heroes and villains of your favorite TV shows.

Not too many actors can lay claim to voicing an angry warrior gorilla. In the CW series The Flash, David was the voice behind Gorilla Grodd's adversary, Solovar. If you need someone to play some sort of hulk-like being like Atlas in Teen Titans or Mongul in Young Justice, David has it covered. Before Chadwick Boseman donned the Black Panther costume, Keith David already voiced the superhero back in 1994's Fantastic Four animated series.

And David's work on Gargoyles will always be fondly remembered, as he voiced the powerful leader of the Manhattan Clan, Goliath. That role introduced young audiences to the dynamic and commanding characteristics of his voice – perhaps The New Warriors will help introduce him to yet another generation.

What do you think of Keith David in the upcoming The New Warriors series? Leave your comments below!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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