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"Who loves big announcements? Kel loves big announcements. Is it true? Mmmmmhmmmm, I do, I do, I do-ooh." Whether it be Beyonce throwing on a veil for her own baby photoshoot, or Fergie hashtagging "mylovelybabybump," bouncing celebrity babies are as much of a talking point as the careers of the celebrities themselves.

You remember Kel Mitchell, that goofball kid from show Kenan & Kel? He also starred in off the wall comedy , about a pair of slackers who take over a failing burger joint. Well, while partner in crime Kenan Thompson has gone on to work on the likes of SNL, Kel had that unfortunate 2006 death hoax, a very public feud with Thompson, and has kept a low profile every since. Mitchell still seems to be stuck in that strange '90s timewarp, and seldom strays from appearing in kids' shows for , which might explain his inspired announcement that his wife Asia Lee is expecting a baby. It was in Kel's usual wacky way — with a side of ketchup and mustard and an extra large portion of crazy.

A Bun In The Oven

Taking to Instagram, Mitchell announced that there was a (burger) bun in the over, complete with Good Burger uniforms, fry hats, and Kel's favorite drink: orange soda. Presumably if it is a boy they will call it Kel, and if it is a girl, they will call it Kelly, but someone should probably tell him that orange soda is bad for newborns. The couple are clearly over the moon, and little burger bump will be their first child since the pair tied the knot in early 2012. Photographed by Josephine Clarke, the shoot also raises question on whether there could be a Good Burger sequel.

Kel last played the role of cashier Ed in 2015, when he and Thompson reunited on on NBC's The Tonight Show. Seemingly putting their differences aside, Mitchell later said:

"We've been wanting to get back together. It was just about the right felt like home..."It was like we were right back into it with our characters coming up with even funnier stuff to do and just cracking up together and looking at each other in the outfits. When I put on [the wig], it was like it had never stopped."

All has been quiet since, although it was suggested that the sequel could see the pair reunite at the fast food joint in a Bad Boys 2-style outing — shut up and take my money!

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Got Buns Hun

'Good Burger' [Credit: Paramount Pictures}
'Good Burger' [Credit: Paramount Pictures}

Sorry, but move over Beyonce, Kel has this one covered. The only thing that could've possible made the announcement better would if it had included Kenan Thompson, right in the middle, reprising his role as Dexter, or a surprise cameo from Ken Foree as Mr. Rockmore from Kenan & Kel. Whether the time for a Good-er Burger, or a Kenan and Kel reunion show has passed, there is no shortage of '90s nostalgia flying around at the moment for the boys to cash in on. In the meantime, I'm off to knit tiny Good Burger booties in preparation for Kel Jr.

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