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Kel Mitchell rose to fame on the hit Nickelodeon sketch show All That and reached a new level of stardom on the wildly successful show Kenan and Kel. While most people know him as the less than helpful Good Burger employee named Ed or his orange soda-obsessed character from Kenan and Kel; the now 39-year old actor has matured a lot since then. Recently, returned to the Nickelodeon spotlight starring on the very popular show Game Shakers, but more importantly, Kel is also a loving husband and father.

This past Feburary, and his wife Asia Lee announced to the world in an adorable Instagram post that they were having their first child together, which featured the couple with Good Burger hats and a bottle of Orange Soda. In July, Kel and Asia Lee welcomed their newborn daughter Wisdom to the world and she is absolutely adorable:

As many loving parents do, Kel and Asia Lee took tons of pictures of the adorable newborn, but one special photo session with Jessie Marrero Photography has the internet squealing with joy. During the photoshoot, Kel’s newborn daughter Wisdom was dressed up in several different outfits, but the one that caught everyone’s attention features her holding a tiny bottle of orange soda.

These Photos Of Kel Mitchell's Newborn Daughter Are The Cutest Thing You Will See All Week

These photos are far too precious, as we see baby Wisdom festooned in several different outfits. The first picture above features the newborn baby in the cutest little chair holding a knitted bottle of orange soda in honor of her dad’s popular catchphrase. Who loves orange soda? We do, especially when the cutest baby on the planet is holding a tiny bottle of it while she naps.

The second picture sees baby Wisdom dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, complete with a picture perfect yellow dress. While you might think that these pictures couldn’t get any cuter, you would be very wrong. What’s cuter than an adorable baby in a tiny princess dress or holding a bottle of orange soda? Feast your eyes on Wisdom in the world’s smallest bed while she cuddles a tiny teddy bear:

You might need to take a moment to recover from the sheer amount of adorableness that just hit your eyes, but when your temporary “cute blindness” subsides, take a second look at this tiny cherub laying in her bed wearing a bonnet. It’s safe to say that Wisdom might be up for the title of world’s cutest baby, but if she’s not, I don’t think the world could handle anything much cuter.

Kel Mitchell brought a lot of joy to kids in the ‘90s with his wonderful characters, but nothing makes us happier than to see him doing well many years later. Not only is he doing great, but his family has embraced the legacy of comedy and characters Kel created over the years. We and his fans wish Kel and his family all the best.

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