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Alisha Grauso

It looks like beefy Twilight vamp saw ballin' out of control on his Twitter feed, revealing pic after ripped pic of his absurdly huge physique for Hercules and decided that he wanted in on the big boy action for his own The Legend of Hercules film. Over the weekend, he Instagrammed the first pic of his shirtless look in the role of Hercules.

You kind of have to feel bad for the guy. Compared to the average male moviegoer, he has a physique that is just sick, one that required months of strict dedication to achieve. But compared to The Rock, he looks like a child standing next to a granite mountain. Nice try, kid. Nice try. The Rock smells what you're cookin' and he says, "That's adorable."

Hercules 3D is out in theaters in March of next year.

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