ByTheodore Donald Kerabatsos, writer at
I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Which Hercules movie has the upper hand? Is it the starring Hercules or The Legend of Hercules?

Well, just single-handedly secured the 18-29 female demographic for Hercules 3D. That's some gym time the Twilight alum has spent sculpting his body! Reportedly , the director, said to him, "I don’t want you getting bigger. Just get your abs to pop more." Mission accomplished: Kellan's abs are popping. Profusely.

Still, , for me at least, has more of the hulky brute about him. This Hercules, dare I say it...looks a bit like a male stripper? (Not that many will complain!)

The jury is still out about which one will come out on top, but whilst you ponder that, check out these shots of Mr Lutz on the set of The Legend of Hercules below:


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