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Alisha Grauso

English Playboy model-actress is a gorgeous and buxom woman, prone to being the British version of , except a bit more multitalented and brunette. The massive endowments, those are the same, however. The normally cleavage-baring starlet had the ladies undercover the other night as she went flower shopping.

But the most interesting pictures of all were not those, but this one of her car:

How does one EVEN get that many parking tickets at a time?! Did she roll over a pedestrian in a wheelchair while knocking over a fire hydrant and then double-park in a handicap space for 17 hours or what? Because I can't even conceive of how colossally bad your parking job would have to be to get four tickets while flower shopping. Seriously, how does that even HAPPEN?

It must be nice to be so loaded it doesn't even matter how many tickets you get, because paying them ain't no thang to your bank account. I'll just be over here, eating my Ramen and scrounging up change in my car to get a small fry on McDonald's Dollar Menu. BALLIN'.


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