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Wonder Woman's success truly knows no bounds. Few would have known that the success of the Gal Gadot-led superhero movie would become such a symbol for women's success everywhere, but as fortune would have it, the film became a blockbuster, and so . So it makes perfect sense that singer Kelly Clarkson would be as in love with Wonder Woman as we all are, and would consider mentioning it during Variety‘s Power of Women L.A. luncheon where she was an honoree.

It was certainly a special moment for Clarkson, who was being honored for her work with the educational organization XQ Institute. While at the podium accepting her award, the singer didn't shy away from complementing some of the other important women in the room with her, including Gadot, who was seated in her eyeline. After noting that fact, Clarkson launched into a totally relatable fangirl moment for the actor that left the room in stitches.

The singer took a moment to rave over Gadot saying:

"She's not only like, one of the most beautiful people, but also like, a really great actress. And also like really intelligent."

It's great to see Clarkson being so openly complementary about the actor, and it's inspirational to see how she was so quick to dedicate her time on another woman's achievements. She even stated how much she loved Gadot, calling her "naturally and innately awesome at everything."

Clarkson then talked about how much she loved the comics film, even taking a dig at director James Cameron, stating:

" I love this movie, I don't know what James Cameron is talking about. It's the most amazing thing ever."

Clarkson also talked about how nice it was to finally have a bold icon that girls could look up to, saying that watching her daughter act out scenes from Wonder Woman made her proud more than watching her pretend to be Belle or any Disney princess. It was great that instead of Clarkson letting the spotlight focus on her alone, she took the time to talk about someone that's been so inspirational to women anywhere.

Wonder Woman defied expectations to become one of the biggest superhero films of all time. With multiple records under its belt, the movie is truly a perfect response to the misogyny that has run rampant in Hollywood, and even in our day-to-day lives. It's no wonder that Clarkson and the world have embraced Wonder Woman with such open arms.

Clarkson's speech, which shows nothing but love for the film and Gadot, is an example of why women should put other women front and center with regards to lifting them up and spotlighting their achievements. Clarkson may not be the one to don superhero boots or wear a cape, but her passionate speech at Variety's Power of Women event has just proven how heroic she is in her own right.

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[Source: Variety]


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