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has starred in blockbusters (’s Sherlock Holmes movies), prestige dramas dramas (Flight) and indie flicks (Me & Orson Welles) but my favorite film of hers is definitely Eden Lake.

That mean little British teen slasher got to me, shock ending and all. For me it's one of the few very smart examples of its genre.


Now, Reilly will star in a New Zealand-set thriller which might yield similar twisted pleasures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Mystery Ride stars Reilly as a widow who returns to a remote community in New Zealand. There she stumbles upon a mystery involving a long-disappeared woman.

Normally I wouldn’t care one dime for that movie. Not my genre, the director is an unknown factor (the movie marks writer/director 's feature-film debut) and has no role whatsoever.

But as there are hopes Reilly yet again might be pursued through the woods by ill-disposed natives, I’ll give Mystery Ride a chance.

(My Name is Joe) and (The Piano) co-star.


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