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The Kardashian/Pepsi saga continues. Back in April, Kendall Jenner starred in a TV spot for the company. Unfortunately, this wasn't the usual commercial where a couple friends bond over their mutual love of the beverage. Nope, instead, Jenner walked into a potentially aggressive altercation between police and protesters and managed to get the crowd to chill with a cold and refreshing can of Pepsi.

To the surprise of literally no one, the world didn't take too kindly to the commercial and its misguided and tone-deaf message of unity. Thousands of people took to social media to share their anger toward the spot, and the situation kept escalating until Pepsi took down the commercial, and apologized to the public.

herself, however, chose to stay out of it. But she's finally broken her silence.

Kendall Wasn't A Fan Of The Criticism, Like, At All

A new teaser for was recently released—which I wanted to include here, but can't seem to find anywhere. In the spot, Kendall opens up to Kim about her thoughts on the now infamous spot and its subsequent backlash:

"It feels like my life is over."

Echoing what she said during an interview in Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen back in May, told her little sister she had simply made a mistake. Fortunately for Kendall, though, the debacle didn't do major damage to her image or career. The supermodel still boasts an impressive social media following, with a whopping 83 million followers on Instagram, and 24 million on Twitter.

While this new KUWTK teaser only gave us a peek at her feelings regarding the situation, during a photoshoot last month, Kim told The Hollywood Reporter that the controversy took quite a toll on the young model:

"We're not perfect, but you see these things in the media, like Kendall and her Pepsi ad, where I see her at home crying. But in the media she looks another way because she's not addressing it."

[Credit: Pepsi]
[Credit: Pepsi]

We'll get to see the full conversation between Kendall and Kim when Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns for Season 14 on September 24.

What did you think about Kendall's response to the Pepsi controversy? Let me know in the comments!


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