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(WARNING: The following contains potential — albeit entirely speculative — SPOILERS for future Marvel Studios movies. Though, that being said, since it's Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige doing the speculating, it's probably worth proceeding with caution, and all that.)

Now, with so many superheroes now hanging around the , it can be difficult to work out just who you'd most like to see team up together next. seems to have the / angle pretty well covered, for instance, and and look set to spend much of Spider-Man: Homecoming awkwardly bonding, but what ought to be next for the ? Will and head off on a weird bromantic linguistics adventure? Will Hawkeye gatecrash for no apparent reason? Could we finally see the / team-up that pretty much no-one has ever asked for?

Well, perhaps, but it seems we might now know one on-screen team-up that is very much on its way:

Marvel's Kevin Feige Is Just As Up For A Doctor Strange/Iron Man Team-Up As We Are

[Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics]
[Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics]

Y'see, during a recent interview with Vulture, head honcho was asked outright which two heroes he's most excited to see team-up on the big screen — and his answer didn't require a whole lot of internal debate. As he put it:

"There are so many, but I would say, both because of the characters and the actors who've created them, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark."

Which, since Feige is, y'know, in charge of the whole MCU, probably all but guarantees some solid Iron Man/ action in 2018's .

The even more interesting part of Feige's comments, though?

It Seems There Are Some Unusual Superhero Team-Ups Heading Our Way

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Indeed, as Feige put it:

"Particularly in 'Infinity War' and the movie after that, there are…unexpected team-ups."

Which is really just a downright cruel thing to tease. After all, we're now going to have to spend the next two years speculating wildly. Will Star-Lord and Odin get trapped in an elevator together? Could Spider-Man finally discover what it's like to meet a giant tree-man? Will Doc Strange take Cap and Falcon on a weird, trans-dimensional journey, just to see their reactions?

Well, here's hoping.

What do you think, though? What "unexpected" team-ups would you like to see the MCU bring to the big screen? Let us know below!



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