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With the Avengers having assembles, disbanded, and cobbled themselves back together, the roster of Earth's Mightiest Heroes is looking pretty impressive for Disney's MCU. However, among that mean green fighting machine, the God of Thunder, and the First Avenger, aren't we forgetting someone important? Just where is ?

With 18 films under our belt by the time we get to next year's , fans are rightly asking where the hell 's star-spangled heroine has been for all these years. Well, MCU head honcho may have just given us a major clue.

Marvel At Her Might

Remembering that the MCU kicked off way back when with Iron Man in 2008, that is a pretty long time for someone as legendary as Captain Marvel to be MIA. There are of course rumors that a certain Carol Danvers was hinted at in 2016's Doctor Strange, but the powers that be are remaining tight-lipped on that one. Perhaps the most widely accepted theory is that Captain Marvel is out there taking a nap in the dark abyss of space. Although Kevin Feige refused to confirm where Larson's character is hiding, he threw his arms in the air and coyly told io9:

“Having a character that powerful out there might be confusing...The key is...‘out there.’”

While nothing too revelatory, the "out there" remark with the raised arms certainly implies it is somewhere far off. It's not like Danvers has gone out to get a quart of milk from the local 7-Eleven. Although Larson isn't expected to appear in Infinity War, she was spotted recently on set in Atlanta, teasing her arrival in time for . If Larson is sitting out Infinity War, it all fits together quite nicely. With the second part of the Thanos troubles not expected until 2019, we will have already seen Captain Marvel take flight in her own film.

Elsewhere, we already know that the Skrulls will be the Big Bads of Captain Marvel, which already ties Danvers to an intergalactic adventure. Also, with Infinity War flitting between Earth and the cosmos, a post-credits scene might be just the right time to bring Captain Marvel back down to Earth with a bump.

Ultimately though, Captain Marvel could actually be anywhere — she could be under my bed for all I know. The movie's co-writer Nicole Perlman has promised that her origin story won't be a direct adaptation of the character's comic book history, so the MCU can effectively do what they wan't with our hardened hero. Ultimately, Captain Marvel could be doing a Steve Rogers and chilling on ice, trapped in the Quantum Realm, or maybe she's just having a 20-year power nap somewhere. Either way, it will all likely come clear in a post-Infinity War world.

Captain Marvel is confirmed to have been part of the MCU since the '90s, and with her standalone being set in that decade, hopes are high for an eyepatch-less Nick Fury and a possible Hayley Atwell cameo returning as Peggy Carter. Whatever happens, expect Captain Marvel to reach for the stars and beyond as we usher Larson in among the good and the great of the MCU elite.

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