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Kickstarter seems to be all the rage at the minute. From badly thought out adolescent movies filmed in garages to full-scale professional productions with big named stars, Kickstarter seems to be place to go if you need some cash quick. Although the crowdsourcing website has stood in good stead for Veronica Mars, and , it seems Clerks director just can't bring himself to do it.

In an interview with KCRW, he explained how he considered using crowdsourcing to fund his 2009 horror Red State. He even pumped $20,000 into a website to make it a reality. However, a few weeks from launch, word hit the net and he received an almost instant negative reply. He explained:

Some unrelated blogger, [who] wasn't in the room, just read somebody's else article, talking about [how] "Kevin Smith is going to start begging for his next movie." The moment I saw that, I froze. The high school part of me, the last vestiges of high school that said "Ooh, I care what other people think about me," seized me.

He quickly cancelled his plans and ultimately decided to fund the movie personally, famously purchasing the film from himself at Sundance in 2011. Despite his experiences, he didn't completely abandon the concept of crowdsourcing and considered using Kickstarter to fund Clerks 3 last autumn. Unfortunately, it seems he's had to give up on this venture too. Firstly, (who plays Randal) hesitated signing onto the project after payment issues regarding Clerks 2, and secondly, it turns out The Weinstein Company have the right of first refusal on any Clerks sequel.

So, it looks like Smith will have to go through the usual channels instead. It seems a script, shooting schedule and three budget options have all been delivered to The Weinstein Company and are currently awaiting approval. If all goes to plan, Smith feels confident he can film this fall and bring the movie to Sundance in 2014.

What do you think? Is crowdsourcing the way forward for modern cinema, or is it just a passing fad? Let us know below.


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