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You know that Kevin Smith horror movie about a man forced to dress up in a walrus suit by a sadistic tormentor that they were trying to get made in 6 months in order to submit it to Sundance? Well, just revealed that he won't be finishing Tusk in time for that. But, on the plus side, the Clerks director has been pretty vocal about updates for his upcoming project.

So, we've got a nice little summary for you, right here:

  • Tusk will not premiere at Sundance, but a trailer for the film will debut in front of a midnight screening at the festival.
  • Smith will be at Sundance to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clerks.
  • Smith enjoyed filming Tusk in Charlotte, NC so much, he's looking into shooting Clerks III there.
  • The entire film is edited save for two days of Los Angeles filming with character Guy Lapointe. That'll happen in late December early January
  • Smith will host an early screening of the film for Smodcast listeners in the coming weeks.
  • "Tusk is the best flick with which I've ever been involved. Holy shit, did Michael Parks and Justin Long CRUSH it! This flick is like porn if you like to watch actors emote and say fucked up things about shipwrecks and sharks and Ernest Hemmingway and walruses and terror and madness."
  • "The whole flick is loaded with SModCo Easter eggs: visual and dialogue references to lots of shit I've talked about and said in all of my podcasts these many years. It's not inside baseball at all, and if you've never listened to a podcast, you won't miss anything – but if you're a regular listener to all my chatter, get ready to go on an aural treasure hunt."
  • Smith calls cinematographer James Laxton "the real rockstar of Tusk." "This is the best looking flick on my resume now, with composition that looks like it belongs to a far better film."

Tusk (which Smith himself calls the "cuddly version of The Human Centipede") is the bizarre true story of a retired landlord who places an online advertisement on Gumtree offering a room in his house rent free. There is one condition however: The tenant must spend two hours per day dressed as a walrus. Pretty normal, then... So that makes it my kind of film. What are your initial thoughts on the project? Do Smith's latest reveals get you going for the movie?

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