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Netflix might have annoyed some people by hiking up their prices, but it might be time to start throwing your money their way again. Although their foray into original programming hasn't quite killed off the big studios yet, they've got some pretty heavy firepower arriving in the not too distant future. Arrested Development is sure to be a major success for the online distributor — and hopefully one which will humiliate FOX for daring to cancel this awesome show in the first place. Before then, we can look forward to House of Cards, a new political drama exec-produced by and starring . Today, we've got some new images for this exciting project.

Based on an original 1990s BBC series set in the British Parliament, House of Cards follows the ruthless ambitions of U.S. Congressman Francis Underwood (Spacey), who after failing to become Secretary of State, sets his sights on the Presidency. Spacey and Fincher are not the only big names to decorate this 13-episode series, , (American Horror Story) and (Generational Kill) have also signed up to the project. Check them out in action below:

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Fincher, who is down to direct the premiere episode, has also brought some friends along to write House of Cards. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button writer Eric Roth has worked beside Beau Willimon, writer of political play Farragut North, to pen the project. It seems these guys have brought their film experience over to the small screen, with Willimon claiming his writing staff approached the show "creatively as a 13-hour movie". With that in mind, and Spacey heading up a stellar cast, House of Cards looks set to throw Netflix into the big time.

You can catch the entire season from February 1st on Netflix. So, if you really wanted to, you could watch it as a 13-hour movie...

How do you think this is looking? Could it be the next West Wing? Will you be checking it out on February 1st? Let us know below.


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