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Mark Newton

Empire Magazine recently debuted a bunch of new photos for 's Kick-Ass 2. They might not be the most exciting images to ever grace your eyes, but at least we get to see as Colonel Stars and Stripes again. Take a look below:

Wadlow also gave a hint at just how great Carrey will be in Kick-Ass 2. It turns out he's still the same old funny guy we all grew up with. Wadlow explained:

He's not as prominent as Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy in the original, but I can't imagine anyone better. It's Jim mother[frick]in' Carrey, right? I wrote the script, but two of the best lines he improvised: 'There's a dog on your balls' and 'Try to have fun, right? Otherwise, what's the point?' There was no warning, he just said'em.

What do you think? Will this be the beginning of a Jim Carrey comedic comeback? Let me know your opinion below.


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