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Sophie Atkinson

If you were a fan of Kick-Ass (and really, who wasn't?) then I'm guessing you've been counting off the days until August 16, when Kick-ass 2 will come kicking and punching to a screen near you.

Let's make that wait a little less painful with an in-depth interview about the film with director and stars (Doctor Gravity)and (The Motherf*cker).

I've got a huge crush on swoony Donald Faison, so this was right down my street, but even without vested interests, it's an insightful, interesting interview that touches on a lot of the complexities of adapting comic books to the screen and the challenges a sequel offers up. Did I mention there's Donald Faison being all suave and funny in it and stuff? Oh, right.

So, anyway:

And if you haven't already seen it, please do check out the red band trailer and just get all sorts of excited:



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