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Daniel Pinzon

The budget of Kick Ass 2 was $28m just like the first film. It will make that back at the end of its theatrical run. With the numbers expected to align with the fist film more or less, the creative team are likely to want to complete the trilogy with a third film. So what can we expect from Kick Ass 3?

Most of the material will come from Mark Millar's comic book series. Huge spoilers at the ending of Kick Ass 2, them being quite different than the comics ending. In the comic Hit Girl is locked up in prison. The post credit scene of Kick Ass 2 shows Chris in the hospital with both his legs gone while in the comic he has all his limbs. Issues 1 and 2 of the Kick Ass 3 comic is already available. The comic centers on Justice Forever tying to stage a prison break for Hit Girl only to wimp out and run away. With high school done, Marty aka Battle Guy went off to Harvard while Dave aka Kick Ass and Todd aka Ass Kicker end up working at a burger joint. Dave is finding it hard not thinking it is cool that his dad was killed by a villain similar to Bruce Wayne. A new superhero who calls himself The Juicer is living in Hit Girls secret headquarters acting like a lazy jerk. Meanwhile, Chris has been in prison hospital for six months and his charges have been dropped thanks to his uncle's connections. Uncle Rocco is called the Ice Man for sticking ice picks in peoples heads, he is looking to be the main villain putting together a supermod encompassing every criminal gang on the east coast.

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