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After a shaky start, the production of Need For Speed seems to be going up a gear. The video game adaptation has already snapped up Breaking Bad's , as well as and . Now we've got news that Scott Mescudi, more commonly known as , has jumped onto the Need For Speed wagon. Now, since my musical tastes do not really progress beyond 1994, I have no idea who Kid Cudi is. But I've been reliable informed by cooler people (and Wikipedia) that he is a well-known alternative hip-hop artist and producer.

Well, it turns out Kid Cudi isn't entirely new to this acting thing. He made his debut in HBO's (now cancelled) How To Make It In America, while he most recently popped up in indie flick, Two Night Stand.

It might seem odd to adapt Need For Speed for the cinema. I mean, the storyline of these games doesn't generally progress beyond the concept of adding carbon body kits to cars and then driving them really fast. However, the Need For Speed movie has developed its own story, and from the sounds of it, driving cars fast forms a pretty central feature. Aaron Paul will play Tobey Marshall, a young guy who is framed for a racing accident that killed his best friend. After finally getting out of prison, he races from New York to Los Angeles in order to get vengeance on the real killers.

Kid Cudi is down to play Tobey's best friend, so from the sounds of it we can expect his contribution to be over fairly quickly. Also being added to the cast with Kid Cudi is , and , although their roles are currently unannounced.

Although you probably haven't seen Kid Cudi in many films, you may have heard him. He is the musical mastermind behind films such as The Hunger Games and Fright Night. At the moment, it's not clear if he'll also be making a contribution to the score of Need For Speed.

How do you guys feel about the Need For Speed movie? I really quite enjoyed the games, but that was basically because I got to recklessly drive a nitrous oxide-boosted Honda Civic around. Are you glad to see a Need For Speed movie, or would you prefer it remained a game series? Let us know below!

Need For Speed is directed by . You can expect it to screech dramatically in theaters near you on February 7, 2014. Until then hit [[follow]] to be kept up-to-date with all the latest news, pictures and trailers as soon they come.


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