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The Flash Season 2 really went out with a bang, wrapping up the Zoom plotline neatly before Barry's decision to save his mother plunged the show into an uncertain future. All bets are off for Season 3 after this Flashpoint paradox, and the alterations to the timeline could have some very interesting consequences.

The cast have already started dropping hints for the next season, with Grant Gustin teasing that the next Big Bad might not be a metahuman. But if you're concerned that Barry's timeline reset means we'll be back to a meta-less Central City, fear not! Gustin is sure that we'll be seeing plenty of speedsters in Season 3, and we may have met a few of them already.

Flash and the speedsters in DC Comics.
Flash and the speedsters in DC Comics.

When interviewed by DC Entertainment, Gustin was asked about the presence of more speedsters in Season 3.

"Yeah I think it's inevitable at this point. We've already seen a hell of a lot of speedsters in Season 2!"

Season 2 saw the introduction of Zoom (Hunter Zoloman), Jay Garrick, and Trajectory. But there are two more characters who became speedsters in the comics: Wally West and Jesse Quick.

When the team restored Barry's powers, both Wally and Jesse were caught in the second particle accelerator explosion. This lead many fans to believe that Wally and Jesse would develop super speed later on, but thanks to Barry saving his mother, this event has been erased along with the rest of Seasons 1 and 2. So how could these two characters become speedsters in Season 3?

Wally West's Need For Speed

Wally was introduced in Season 2 as the wayward, adrenaline-junkie son of Joe West. His development was a compelling emotional thread throughout the season, as Wally bonded with his new family, accepted his mother's death, and came to idolize the Flash. Wally came to be an integral part of team Flash, although he and Jesse were often kept out of the way for their protection.

Zoom captured Wally in Season 2.
Zoom captured Wally in Season 2.

The finale set up a complicated situation for Season 3, and there are a few ways this Flashpoint could play out for Wally. It could be that when Barry runs back to the future Wally is the Flash, while Barry is powerless. This could be an interesting twist on the situation in Season 2, while fulfilling Wally's role as Kid Flash in the comics.

However, it seems more likely that Barry's reset returned the timeline to how the Reverse Flash described it in Season 1, with Harrison Wells yet to build the particle accelerator. In that case, we could see Wally play out his role in a similar way to in the Flashpoint comic arc, as he faces off against Citizen Cold.

Citizen Cold freezes Wally West.
Citizen Cold freezes Wally West.

In the comics, the Flashpoint paradox created an alternate timeline in which Leonard Snart (known as Citizen Cold) was lauded as the great hero of Central City. And yet, his methods were ruthless and vicious, which lead intrepid reporter Wally West to investigate the supposed hero. When Wally confronted Snart with the truth of his background in petty thievery, Snart froze Wally with his cold gun, killing him instantly.

With Wentworth Miller confirmed as a regular for Season 3 of The Flash, it seems likely that the show will partially adapt this plotline. Whether Wally will confront Snart as the hero Kid Flash, or a non-superpowered reporter, remains to be seen, but at this point anything's possible.

Jesse Quick, Genius Speedster

After Harrison referred to his daughter as "Jesse Quick" in Season 2, it seemed certain that despite her parentage being different from the comics, Jesse would eventually take up this heroic title.

In the comics, Jesse Quick is actually the daughter of superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Bell, and not Harrison Wells. Of course, this wouldn't be the first time The Flash has made alterations when adapting the comics, and it would be awesome to see Harrison's daughter someday become a speedster hero. But which Earth would she come from?

It seems highly likely that the Harrison Wells we'll see in Season 3 is actually the original Earth-1 Harrison, as Barry's reset means that Eobard Thawne never killed Harrison and took his place. Which means that Harrison was free to marry Tess Morgan and slowly build the particle accelerator.

Thawne kills Wells in Season 1.
Thawne kills Wells in Season 1.

As for Jesse, we don't actually know who her mother is yet, but it's entirely possible that she is the daughter of Tess and Harrison. If that's the case, we could see a new Jesse in Season 3, one who was born on Earth-1.

Of course, it's difficult to guess how Jesse and Wally will become speedsters, with the Flashpoint pushing the particle accelerator explosion back to around 2020 (as in the original timeline). We'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out, but it seems safe to say that Season 3 will finally introduce us to these two characters' heroic alter egos — Kid Flash and Jesse Quick.

Do you think Wally and Jesse will become speedsters in Season 3?

[Source: DC Entertainment]


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