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may not have reached the directing heights of some of his contemporaries, but the 70-year-old does think he has a talent which few others share. In an interview with Buzzfeed he explained how he has a special eye for spotting young stars:

I can just kind of tell — I don't know, it's just a talent that I have, I can tell when the camera is going to like somebody and I can tell when people have a charisma that translates to film or photographs because I've been doing it so long.

Clark is the guy responsible for kickstarting the careers of young talent such as , and . Indeed, after spotting Korine skating in Washington Square Park, he asked the then 19-year old to write the screenplay which would eventually turn into the movie, Kids.

Now Clark has another project on the horizon, and once again young talent will form its focus. Named Marfa Girl, the film is based on an encounter between Clark and another skater, this time 14-year-old , in the small town of Marfa, Texas. After inviting Mediano to a film festival in Marfa, Clark heard the following story from a festival worker:

They said, 'Oh, we know Adam — he has a 28-year-old girlfriend who is pregnant.' I said 'What? This little 14-year-old kid has a 28-year-old girlfriend and she's pregnant?' I said, 'What do the parents think about this?' They said, 'Oh, they're fine with it. It's a very Christian-Catholic town and there is no abortion.' I said, 'Boy this is really strange'... And then I found out that the story wasn't true at all.

Despite the story being an entire fallacy, Clark felt it would make a great movie and began working on a script. During the process Clark found himself becoming increasingly fascinated with Marfa and Mediano, who he booked to star:

Marfa is a fascinating place. It's in the middle of west Texas, in the middle of nowhere. I saw Marfa as a kind of microcosm of what was going on in the United States. There was all this racism, and there was this culture clash because the artists were moving down there.

Clark released the movie on his own website last November, shortly after it won Best Film at the Rome Film Festival. Unfortunately, the general response was not all too great. Now he's releasing a trailer with the hope of generating some serious buzz. Check out the trailer:


Despite the less than stellar response the movie has garnered among the general audience, it seems Clark isn't ready to leave Marfa, Texas just yet. Apparently a sequel is currently in the works which should hopefully feature much of the young talent in Marfa Girl.

What do you think? Has this trailer piqued your interest? Let me know below.


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