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With little more than a month to go before Andrés Muschietti's adaption of Stephen King's IT hits the big screen, even more intense clips has been tumbling out of the Marcroverse and onto TV screens nationwide — and this latest one's killer.

Along with a record-breaking trailer drop, Warner Bros. have also shared a couple of brand new TV spots offering fresh footage of Bill Skarsgård's , the town of Derry, and our brave Losers' Club. There's still a whole lot we still don't know, and the trailers are just spoiler-free enough to make every morsel of new footage ramp up the excitement even more.

In the brand new clip titled 'Stay Together,' the gang flicks through projections of the Derry sewer system, slowly learning how It haunts the town, before being confronted by the monstrous being in its clown form.

The beginning of the TV spot is a throwback to both the 1990 mini-series and the book, where the Losers' Club flick through Mike's photo album showing the history of Derry. In IT's new '80s setting, the photo album has been upgraded to a projector — making it arguably even more terrifying when Pennywise appears in the images.

Along with further footage of Bev being jumped and plenty of frantic running, we get a horrifying glimpse at Pennywise's former victims, and their very concerned-looking class teacher, menacingly chanting 'Kill them all! Kill them all!'.

If you look closely, you can see the victim's rotting faces, all in different degrees of decomposition, as IT has been living beneath the town and claiming victims for 300+ years. Sitting directly below Pennywise is a girl who looks suspiciously like Betty Ripsom, one of the clown's original victims who was mentioned in a recent sneak peek, where the boys found her shoe floating in the sewer.

It's possible that tragically-fated bully Patrick Hockstetter is also among them, as well as Georgie, but it's hard to tell from the fleeting glimpse we get of this terrifying scene. The coloring of the class teacher's dress and the creepy, lone balloon also play into Pennywise's horrifying aesthetic, reminding you that this is It's world.

After the critical meh-fest of The Dark Tower, IT looks like it's going to be the horror hit of the year, if the terrifying trailers are anything to go by. With an official runtime of 135 minutes, there's a whole lot more horror left to be revealed.


What would you do if Pennywise turned up on your town?


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