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Warning: This article contains major spoilers of The Flash Season 3.

This season of The Flash has introduced us to a bunch of new storylines and characters — most of which are a result of Barry Allen's time-traveling antics. But perhaps no character is as important to this season's outcomes as the unusual Julian Albert.

However, in recent weeks it seems Julian has toned that behavior down, and that is due to his discovery of his evil alter-ego Dr. Alchemy. But one person has been helping him transition into his new less-snobbish role on Team Flash, while confiding in him about her own metahuman related issues — Caitlin Snow. Julian and Caitlin have been spending a lot of time together lately, and so let's take a look and see if romance could be in the air for them, and the possible danger it could spell for Team Flash.

Will Caitlin & Julian Become An Item?

It's no secret that when we were first introduced to Julian Albert on , he was a smart-mouthed, snobbish and all-round arrogant individual. And most of his spiteful comments were directed at none other than his partner Barry Allen. However, since Julian became aware of Barry's secret identity as the Flash and subsequently joined the team, he has become much more likable. And the person responsible for this is Caitlin.

Is there romance brewing for Cailtin and Julian? [Credit: The CW]
Is there romance brewing for Cailtin and Julian? [Credit: The CW]

She was the one who offered him the opportunity to join Team Flash, and she is the one who is currently helping mold his personality skills. The fact that these two are even talking to each is an incredible feat. Let's not forget that in Season 3, Episode 7 "Killer Frost," Caitlin's evil side reared reared her icy head and kidnapped Julian, threatening to harm him if he didn't help her.

Thus, the fact that the notoriously petty Julian Albert managed to get over something as harrowing as this so quickly suggests that he may be beginning to care about Caitlin. Remember, the law-enforcing CSI decided against turning Caitlin in to the authorities. Furthermore, it's clear that Caitlin is doing her best to make up for her previously frosty actions, but they've been getting on incredibly well. The question is —could romance be on the cards for these two?

Caitlin puts on the metahuman dampening necklace Julian made her. [Credit: The CW]
Caitlin puts on the metahuman dampening necklace Julian made her. [Credit: The CW]

Let's not forget that Caitlin's long-lost husband Ronnie Raymond is returning, but that will likely only be for one episode. Thus, for the moment at least, Caitlin is single, and is known to be very affectionate, while Julian is not. But these two characters have grown closer in recent weeks —with Julian even presenting her with the metahuman-dampening necklace that he and Cisco created to help keep Killer Frost at bay — and it makes us wonder if we could see them becoming an item on the show.

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Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Without a doubt, the main reason Caitlin and Julian have become so close lately is down to the fact that they have a lot in common. Both characters might be law-abiding, heroic Team Flash members on the surface, but underneath there is darkness brewing that neither of them can control. Ever since Barry changed the timeline due to Flashpoint, Caitlin has been struggling to repress her metahuman abilities and at times, Killer Frost has surfaced.

Killer Frost attacked Julian earlier this season. [Credit: The CW]
Killer Frost attacked Julian earlier this season. [Credit: The CW]

But Caitlin isn't the only one struggling to suppress the demon within, as Julian is also suffering from a split personality. And much like Killer Frost, Julian's second personality is not to be trifled with. The devious Dr. Alchemy had been plaguing Central City by restoring the powers of Flashpoint metahumans, allowing them to roam free and wreak havoc.

But it was later revealed that Alchemy was in fact Julian Albert's alter-ego, as the new CSI was being manipulated by speed god Savitar. And it shocked nobody more than Julian himself.

Julian wasn't aware of his evil second personality — Dr. Alchemy. [Credit: The CW]
Julian wasn't aware of his evil second personality — Dr. Alchemy. [Credit: The CW]

So when you're suffering from a split personality in which the second one wants to terrorize the city and stands for everything you stand against, who better to talk to than somebody who knows exactly what its like. Thus, it's not really any surprise that Julian and Caitlin are bonding over their shared issues. As we saw in the mid-season premiere, the topic of Dr. Alchemy is still very much a sore subject for Julian — just as Killer Frost is with Caitlin — and so, it's understandable that he and Caitlin could confide in each other about their joint worries.

However, Caitlin and Julian growing closer could put the team in grave danger, especially if their darker personas were to rear their evil heads.

Could Dr. Alchemy & Killer Frost Join Forces?

Should these two end up spending a lot of time together, there's always the possibility that something could go horribly wrong. If Julian were to once again blackout and find himself under the control of Dr. Alhemy and Savitar, I'm pretty sure they would have no problem freeing Killer Frost and burying the Caitlin personality.

Could Julian and Caitlin's evil sides join forces? [Credit: The CW]
Could Julian and Caitlin's evil sides join forces? [Credit: The CW]

On separate occasions, both Dr. Alchemy and Killer Frost were major problems for Team Flash, especially the latter as Barry had to stop her while still ensuring that no harm came to her. But if Alchemy and Frost were to team up, they would literally be unstoppable. With Dr. Alchemy pulling the strings while Killer Frost did the icy handiwork, they would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, with Team Flash now being connected to both characters, it would make it all the more difficult for them to take the villains down.

If Julian and Caitlin end up in a relationship, Dr. Alchemy and Killer Frost could end up in a very powerful partnership. And that could spell danger for all of our favorite .

Ever since Killer Frost kidnapped Julian Albert, actors Danielle Panabaker and Tom Felton have shared quite a lot of on-screen scenes together. While this isn't necessarily unusual, the fact that their respective characters have the shared goals of defeating their darker personas makes Julian and Caitlin the only two people in the world who can understand each other. And this is beginning to resonate on screen as the pair are spending a lot of time together, with Julian joining Team Flash and Caitlin helping him on his interpersonal skills. Thus, it's possible that the emotional connection here could draw the two together.

However, there is a darker side to that, and it involves both Caitlin and Julian's evil alter-egos — Killer Frost and Dr. Alchemy. Should they get close, there's always the possibility that the underlying demons could take control of them and force the other one to do the same. Frost and Alchemy would definitely have a shared interest of taking down Team Flash, while Caitlin and Julian would have a shared interest in trying to protect it. Whether or not they get together remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — if Frost and Alchemy team up, they will be unstoppable.

Would you like to see Killer Frost and Dr. Alchemy wreak havoc on The Flash? Let us know in the comments below!


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