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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Flash!

If you watched November 1st's episode of The Flash, you already know that Caitlin is on her way to becoming . With her powers expanding (and her eyes and hair changing), Caitlin Snow is disappearing, and viewers are left wondering if we're going to completely lose her to the villain who has no problem with eliminating problems by killing.

Since her debut in the comics in the 1970s, Killer Frost has been evil. There was a brief span of time when Crystal Frost (the original character who became Killer Frost) was a college student who fell in love with her teacher. After she was rebuffed by Martin Stein, she locked herself in a thermafrost chamber, thereby becoming Killer Frost.

In short, we saw her origin story in the comics. We haven't, as of yet, seen Killer Frost's origin story on television. That is, quite possibly, what we're seeing now.

When spoke with IGN, she said she loved exploring this Earth's Caitlin as Killer Frost, adding that, "I think it gets to be more of an origins story, whereas in Earth-2, Caitlin Snow was just bad to the bone — nothing you could do about it. Here we get to learn a little bit more about how she got there."

With that said, is there the possibility that Caitlin can be Frost without the Killer aspect? What weapons does Caitlin Snow have in her arsenal that could prevent her from crossing the dark line?

Her Fear Of Becoming Evil

As we saw on the November 1st episode, Caitlin is clearly terrified of becoming Killer Frost, and she told Cisco the same thing at the end of Season 2. She's scared of losing herself to the darkness that Killer Frost could bring. But is fear alone strong enough to stop the evil from taking over?

Danielle Panabaker explained to IGN that "[Caitlin] is scared of these powers at first. It’s not something that she wants and she’s trying to almost prevent [them from] happening, because she’s afraid that it will make her turn evil."

At the end of the episode, we see Caitlin's mother telling her via a computer monitor that Caitlin must not use her powers, but Caitlin was unable to stop herself from destroying the desk and everything with it. That doesn't give us much hope for fear being the victor.

Her Connection To Her Friends

So far, Caitlin hasn't told any of her friends about these powers she's discovered even though she used them to help Barry break free of the mirror holding him captive last week. Right now, she's still trying to adjust to them herself.

Though she's having difficulty understanding what she's becoming, Caitlin is an incredibly intelligent woman, and she knows Barry and Cisco will both understand. And with all of Cisco's engineering capabilities, he might be able to create something to help her control the powers.

Her Innate Goodness

In the past three seasons, we've seen Caitlin risk much for the people she cares about as well as the citizens of Central City. She's not just a scientist looking to uncover the mysteries of the universe. She's a doctor who wants to help others, and she's put herself in the line of fire more than once to save her friends. But could that be the key to keeping the darkness at bay?

In the past two seasons, Caitlin has been dealt some devastating blows. She lost Ronnie before the series premiered, found him again, married him, and then lost him once more. She opened her heart to Jay Garrick only to discover he was Zoom, then was taken captive by Zoom. Most recently, she discovered Barry changed the timeline, and that's the reason she now has the powers she has.

There's no doubt that Caitlin Snow is a strong woman, but Killer Frost made being evil look so easy. And with the burden of the past few years weighing heavily on Caitlin, we have to wonder if this is a battle she'll win. Can there actually be a Killer Frost that doesn't kill?

Do you think Caitlin Snow will become the evil Killer Frost?


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