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This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Flash.

The new a.k.a Caitlin Snow made her debut on Tuesday, March 28th, when Julian Albert attempted to save Caitlin’s life. By breaking the necklace that restricted her powers, he unleased the beast. Killer Frost came to life with a vengeance, tossing Julian, H.R. and Cisco around like bags of rice.

With only five more episodes left before the season ends, the team is facing an uphill battle trying to take out and save Caitlin, but fans are questioning whether Killer Frost will be hanging around for longer than just Season 3.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg let fans know at Paleyfest that next season’s villain wasn’t going to be a speedster, while EP Aaron Helbing told EW that Killer Frost is a very, very formidable adversary:

"She has knowledge of everybody because she’s been friends with them, so she’s really going toward the dark side and we’re going for it."

That doesn’t sound like an arc that’s going to wrap up in less than five hours of screen time, especially when the team needs all hands on deck to save Iris' life and eliminate Savitar.

This entire season has been building up to the launch of Killer Frost, and even though Helbing confirmed that Killer Frost will go toe-to-toe with before the season’s end, he didn’t say there would be a resolution to the battle. With such a powerful enemy, shouldn’t she be a little harder to restrain than an average, everyday villain?

Killer Frost could be much like on , an enemy who stays one step ahead, making her a foe difficult to beat. As one who knows everything about the members of Team Flash, Killer Frost could really make them all suffer, and it would be great if the producers gave her a chance to fully explore that dark side.

Imagine Barry having to fight against the woman he once called a friend, having to use all the resources in his arsenal to put her inside a cell at STAR Labs. Would he be able to push his emotions aside for the great good of Central City? I think that’s a question well worth exploring in Season 4.

Do you think Killer Frost could be the next villain in Season 4? Let me know in the comments below!


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