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This summer’s Baywatch movie was a critical and commercial flop. Despite a cameo from David Hasselhoff (and the best efforts of The Rock and Zac Efron), it just didn’t recapture the magic of the classic series. Fortunately, the new film Killing Hasselhoff — in which Ken Jeong tries to murder the titular star — is the go-for-broke comedy that fans wanted.

Ken Jeong plays a nightclub owner whose life begins unraveling as he goes deep in debt — until he learns about a death pool in which he could win $500,000 if Hasselhoff dies ASAP. As crazy as the premise sounds, the first trailer for the straight-to-video movie looks like a blast:

Killing Hasselhoff has everything that we would come to expect from a Baywatch story: action, humor and David Hasselhoff running in slow motion, because of course he's going to run in slow motion. The trailer features plenty of hilarious attempts to kill Hasselhoff, which accidentally end in Jeong offing innocent bystanders. If nothing else, it should bring you a few chuckles, even if you don't plan on purchasing the DVD.

Killing Hasselhoff also stars Colton Dunn, Gena Lee Nolin, Master P, Justin Bieber (as the voice of K.I.T.T.) and several others, easily making this movie worth it for the '90s flashbacks alone.

Killing Hasselhoff will hit theaters in a limited run before the DVD releases on August 29th. Are you ready to hassle the Hoff?


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