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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have ascended to such great heights that they truly belong on a separate plain to us mere mortals. In fact, Kimye might as well be our modern day Mother Teresa after recently revealing that they have rejected all pricey material possessions in the name of feeling "as grounded and well-rounded as possible."

During a recent interview with Allure magazine, revealed that she and her husband no longer give each other gifts, mainly because she just doesn't really like them anymore. As an example, she recalled what they did to commemorate their last anniversary, saying:

"I don't like presents anymore. We just did absolutely nothing [for our anniversary]. We spent two days in Santa Barbara, and we slept."

Then, to reinforce just how down-to-earth her family has suddenly become, she said that they actually went to gorge on pancakes at iHop to celebrate their deep and unfaltering love for one another:

"You know what? I think we went to IHOP. That's what we did."

Bear in mind, this is all coming from a couple who once did a totally normal thing like rent out the Palace of Versailles in France for their 2014 wedding.

Now, if you thought that the reasoning behind this colossal decision is that Kimye already have everything one could possibly want, stand corrected — she's actually trying to live her best life without expensive things for the humanity of her family. Her exact words were:

"We don't do gifts. [Kanye and I] talk about it all the time, about not getting too much and trying to be as grounded and well rounded as possible."

In fact, this isn't the first time that the star has spoken about rejecting materialism. Last April, she appeared on The Ellen Show and courageously spoke about what her harrowing Paris robbery back in October 201 made her realize, saying:

"I was definitely materialistic before, not that there's anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things, and I'm really proud of everyone around me that's successful. But I'm so happy that my kids get this me and that this is who I'm raising my kids [to be]. Because I just don't care about that stuff anymore, I really don't. [...] I don't care to show off like the way that I used to... It's just not who I am anymore."

You do you, Kimmy.

Do you think Kimye have the right idea when it comes to gifts?

(Source: Allure)


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