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Kim Kardashian has been the reigning social media queen for years now, with more than 101 million Instagram followers. Back in May, however, pictures were released online that seemingly proved that she airbrushed her Instagram posts, which resulted in her losing over 100,000 followers.

Those photos were taken during a celebration in Mexico for her sister Kourtney’s 38th birthday. At the time, Kim Kardashian could not be reached for comment, but now she is speaking out, and says that those photos were photoshopped to make her look worse.

Kim Kardashian Claims The Pictures Were Photoshopped

During a recent appearance on The View, finally addressed the pictures of herself that went viral last month, and claims that they were photoshopped before they hit the internet:

“I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip to Mexico and people were Photoshopping them and sharpening them. And then the worst photo – I definitely wasn’t in the best shape. I hadn’t worked out in I think 12 weeks. I had two surgeries on my uterus — we documented that on the show — but I was already not feeling like myself. Then when people were sharpening them and making them look way worse, I was like, ‘OK. I’m going to get it together’ and I started working out with this bodybuilder girl I found actually on social media, so that’s a positive thing.”

While the photos could have been altered before they went viral, it doesn’t really matter, because Kim’s response was perfect. Most people who took umbrage with the photos of Kim Kardashian’s booty were upset because they felt that Kim was “fake” or misrepresenting herself on social media. Kim took this sentiment to heart, and instead of saying that the pictures were 100 percent fake, she explained that she'd had surgeries and shifted the conversation towards her now healthier lifestyle.

By moving the conversation away from the social media scandal, and towards where she's at now, Kardashian has regained control of the narrative. The pictures caused an uproar, but she's turning the spotlight back on herself in a positive way. It seems that there is nothing that she can’t handle, and throughout various ups and downs, Kim Kardashian is still the reigning queen of social media.

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(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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