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Last October, reality TV star Kim Kardashian suffered a horrific ordeal in Paris, where she was bound and gagged, before being robbed of jewelry worth millions in a violent heist that shook the world. And now, months on and after a lengthy period of recovery, we are finally getting a glimpse of what really went on inside the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's hotel room.

It has just been revealed that crime scene photos taken inside Kim's Paris' Hôtel de Pourtalès suite have been released and quite frankly, they are upsetting to say the least.

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A French television channel TFI recently released images of the hotel room as part of a video reenactment of the terrifying robbery, including photos of the gag that was used on and the tape she was bound with in the bath.

[Credit: TFI]
[Credit: TFI]
[Credit: TFI]
[Credit: TFI]

Alongside this, pictures of her bed also surfaced, showing the duvet and pillow cast aside as the mother-of-two was likely startled by the hostile intruders.

[Credit: TFI]
[Credit: TFI]

The images also came hand-in-hand with surveillance footage showing the alleged suspects. Notably, ten individuals were charged in connection with Kim Kardashian's assault in January, including that of Aomar Ait Kihedache who confessed to the crime and called it a "very simply affair."

Following the incident in Paris, the star quit social media for several months, choosing to keep herself out of the spotlight and behind closed doors with her family. However, last month she chose to break her silence during an emotional moment of KUWTK, in which she recalls fearing for her life:

We're very glad to see Kim safe and well again, but those images are a harrowing reminder of what could have happened if the heist had turned deadly.

Are you glad to see Kim Kardashian back in action?

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