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Kim Kardashian has been held at gunpoint in a private Paris residence during a shocking robbery that left the reality star tied up on the bathroom floor. Her bodyguard was reportedly overpowered and put in handcuffs by the assailants during the attack.

According to reports, the five masked attackers, who were disguised as police, made off with millions of dollars worth of jewelry including a ring worth ‎€4 million (approximately $4.5 million) and a jewelry box that contained pieces valued at ‎€6 million (around $6.7 million). The robbers, who escaped the scene on bikes, are still at large.

Thankfully, the mother of two remained unharmed during the traumatizing attack and a spokesperson for the 35-year-old star released a statement to the press which stated Kim was:

"badly shaken but physically unharmed."

Kim has been staying in the French capital for Paris fashion week and has been photographed attending numerous shows. Kardashian's last appearance before the attack was in the front row of the Givenchy show with her sister Kourtney and mother Kris. The family had gathered en masse to support Kendall Jenner, who was walking for the French luxury brand.

After hearing news of the assault, Kim's husband Kanye West ended his show at the Meadows music and arts festival in New York mid-song due to a "family emergency":

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In the wake of the terrifying incident, the entire Kardashian clan has been uncharacteristically silent on social media.

Despite the fact that the family are keeping schtum about the event, some callous voices took to social media to accuse the family of staging the event to drum up publicity for themselves — claims that were quickly quelled by the French police who confirmed the severity of the violent robbery.

During this time, celebrities including talk show host James Cordon have leapt to Kim's defence reminding people that, although she is undeniably a huge media personality, the star is also a wife, mother and friend to many, and a person who deserves sympathy and respect.

Along with hardcore Kimmy K fans, even those who readily admit to disliking the star have taken to social media to slap down those who think anyone facing an armed robbery is remotely amusing:

This hasn't been a good week in Paris for Kim — just days earlier she was assaulted by so-called 'prankster' Vitalii Sediuk who was tackled by her security guard.


How do you feel about the reactions to the Kim Kardashian attack?

(Source: The Guardian via France Info)


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