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Kim Kardashian West has had a relatively tough time of it in recent months, yet her recent interview on The Ellen Show confirmed that she's ready to step forward after her harrowing Paris ordeal back in October 2016.

However, just when we thought we'd seen a lull in the drama, it appears that the reality TV queen has stumbled upon another hurdle — albeit minor — after apparently losing 100,000 followers on her 98.8 million-strong Instagram account.

Earlier this week, a few photos of were leaked on the Internet, showing her famous derrière failing to look completely flawless on a recent trip to Mexico. And of course, it was this minor detail that had people losing their lids all over social media because they clearly had nothing better to do with their petty little lives.

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Apparently, not only were some of her fans so gobsmacked to find out that their Keeping Up with the Kardashians kween used photoshop, but also that the 36-year-old and real mother-of-two actually had a bit of cellulite on her body.

In fact, the idea that she regularly tweaks some of her images to look her best self shocked and horrified so many that in a dizzying state of uncalled-for outrage, they simply had to reach for that "unfollow" button to make their point.

Slammed for her "fake" pictures, Kim was forced to ride out a storm of criticism for putting out pics that appeared to slightly differ from reality in what quickly became a horrendous case of severe body shaming.

Thankfully however, not everyone on Twitter took to talking smack; wading through the shit festering on the social media platform, it was heartwarming to see that some people actually came out in Kimmy's defense. Here's a sample:

Quite frankly, world, if you think a loss of 100,000 followers is enough to bring that stunning Kardashian reign krashing down, you have some serious thinking to do. The woman is the fifth most followed person on Instagram for goodness' sake and we still love her, cellulite and all!

What do you think about Kim's leaked butt pics?


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