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Scandalous headlines about how is desperate to get back into the spotlight after her Paris attack might be popping up like fetid mushrooms in the gossip rags, but the first photo of Kim Kardashian taken after the traumatic event couldn't be further from fame-grabbing.

In a snap that wasn't uploaded to either Kim or 's various social media accounts, the pair can been seen helping Cameron Sterling celebrate his 16th birthday party. This gesture is so powerful because Cameron is the son of Alton Sterling, a black father who was senselessly shot and killed while being restrained by police in Baton Rouge in July this year.

It's heartening that Kim — who has been a longtime advocate for tightening gun control laws —emerged in order to support a victim of gun violence, even though she is clearly going through a traumatic time herself.

Kim has also expressed her support for the movement on multiple occasions including posting the following message on her website after Alton Sterling's death:

The image itself was uploaded by Justin Bamberg, Esq., a Democratic member of the South Carolina House of Representatives who has been supporting the Sterling family. Bamberg verified that Kim and Kanye's appearance made the bereaved teenager's night.

Kim kept an understated appearance during the encounter, perhaps to discourage unwelcome press attention. Ironically, something the media insists she is craving.

Do you think Kim Kardashian gets enough credit for her charitable causes?


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